Marie-Josée Lareau can work magic in your office, turning it into a hive of creativity.

Marie-Josée creates the perfect scenario for bringing out the human element of your work context and for revealing the real challenges you and your team face. In her interactional workshops, she will inspire your team members to step out of their comfort zone and discover new solutions you would never have imagined otherwise.



  • Training Programs and Workshops (1.5 hours to 3 days)

Theoretical and experiential learning activities in groundbreaking, engaging sessions adapted to the needs of your business, with high returns in competency development.


  • Speaking Events (15 minutes to 1.5 hours)

Interactional events that will stimulate reflection and experimentation as Marie-Josée inspires you with her energetic and engaging style.


  • Strategic Retreats (2 to 3 days)

Exclusive periods of reflection for executives, offering a customized process to help you clarify your company vision and lay the path to reaching your goals.


  • Transformative Retreats (3 to 7 days)

Inspiring retreats to nature and time for introspection in a shared quest to put old ways behind you and embrace personal change.


  • Leadership Round-Tables (1.5 hours per month)

Monthly follow-ups on training to ensure you have integrated and applied your learning.


  • Individual Coaching and Guidance

Personal guidance from Marie-Josée to recentre your life, understand issues and push your limits, creatively and effectively, to reach new heights.


  • Idea Labs

Optimal settings to bring out your creativity, energy and respect so you can go beyond your unconscious limits and find solutions that were previously unimaginable.


  • Visualization

Guided meditation to make you put aside your usual lines of thinking and see new possibilities to apply in your company.


  • Yoga

Body positions and breathing exercises to clear your head and be more mindful of your body. You will discover strength and flexibility as well as a beneficial tranquility.


  • Marche Zen

Guided mindfulness during nature walks along paths adapted to your situation, with inspiring voices and music. You will expand your vision of your business or personal life.


Marie-Josée Lareau epitomizes the ability to combine real work with an enjoyable atmosphere. She deconstructs complex situations to come up with an effective approach and encourages participants to engage in introspection and discover their own creative capacities. She knows that greater self-knowledge can lead to exponential gains in their contributions to their work environment, their synergy with others and their ability to collaborate.


Creativity, collaboration, innovation, confidence, stress management, change management, team building, innovation processes, mindfulness at work


AbbVie, BDC, C2-MTL, Cirque du Soleil, Communautique, Entreprism, Espace Stratégie, Évènement les affaires, Fédération des médecins Omnipraticiens du Québec, ETS, IglooFest, International Women’s forum, Le grand rendez-vous de la santé sécurité au travail, Novartis, UQAM (CAEI), Pic Nik Electronic, Pratt & Whitney, Publicist, Station Mont-Tremblant, Vibrant Marketing.
École des sciences de la créativité «La Factry», HEC Montréal, l’Institut de Leadership, l’Université McGill (International Master for Health Leadership, International Masters program for managers),  John Molson school of business «Concordia».