MJ Lareau

«Movement never lies.»
Karen Kain



Augment the influence of business leaders through an effective use of their body language, offering an innovative and dynamic training that will improve their image and enhance their ability to inspire an audience.


portrait-bioMJLareau has worked for 10 years as an artistic coach for new generations of artists at Cirque du Soleil, where she articulated the programs for artistic development. During her career in the company, she was also assistant choreographer, as well as responsible for the design of special events at the Center of Performance Research and Innovation…

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Objectives of our workshops:

  • Be at your best every day in your business relationships
  • Increase your mental, emotional and physical agility, in order to react efficiently.
  • Better control your stress.
  • Improve your creative potential.
  • Further develop the ability to listen to yourself, listen to your team and listen to business needs.
  • Improve the quality of your stage presence to attract the attention of your audience.

Inspired by the metamorphose of  a rigid and cerebral acrobat who becomes a fluid and charismatic artist, we will invite participants to experience exercises for warming-up and breathing that combine theater, movement and entertainment.

This training will enhance in the participants the awareness of their own body and will help them get free from the stress of everyday life. Imagining that they become artists in the circus, we will encourage them to challenge themselves physically and mentally, in order to discover their own creative space.

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MJ LAREAU is convinced that all beings are creative. Through an interactive conference, she guides her audience to experience a new bond with their own creative source, diving into the deepness of oneself. She presents different ways to find yourself and increase your intuition.

MJ Lareau presents all conferences on creativity, innovation and leadership, adaptanting the contents and the way these conferences are delivered, in order to maximize the impact and bring together all the different groups in the audience.

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stage setting lecture

AT the time of the C2-MTL 2012, Lareau distinguished herself with the innovative stage setting prepared for the conference of the PDG of Cirque du Soleil, painting her ideas on a canvas of video images and live acrobatic performances…


Artistic projects in the company

Production of promotional video clips or photo exhibits highlighting your employees with professional artists.


Dance, theater, circus and music shows

Stage setting, choreography for different professional artistic projects.

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The Stretching Minute

24 January 2014

  The Stretching Minute There are things in life that we know are good for us, but for a strange reason we don’t do them enough. The stretching minute is a simple solution we can implement in our lives to become more efficient. We all know that to be productive, we need to take some […]

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Accrochez votre armure avant de rentrer à la maison !

21 January 2014

Janvier vient à peine de commencer et vous êtes déjà dans un état de stress avancé, vos vieux bobos refont surface vous indiquant qu’il est temps de vous reprendre en main. Vous avez parfois l’impression que vous devez mettre une armure pour aller au travail et passer à travers notre journée. Le problème c’est que […]

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La collaboration en entreprise, une tendance qui est là pour rester?

20 January 2014

Conférence : «La collaboration en entreprise, une tendance qui est là pour rester ?» Si vous n’avez pas eu la chance de regarder en direct sur le web la conférence de Geneviève Rossier et même, aux Grands Communicateurs le 27 novembre 2013, voici le lien qui vous permettra d’y accéder en rediffusion. (Voir les indications […]

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